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I just found a Chevereto site that copied my pages word for word :O
Banned for piracy
Hi @Rodolfo, Is there anyway to add RSS feeds on the script? Thanks
No =/
Did the update again, and the problem is there again. Only HTTP 500 when i first visit the webpage. I have a nginx reverse proxy, but even when i directly go to the server with ip/chevereto the problem is there.. its a standard debian 9 with latest package versions.

On version 1.0.9 there is not such a problem?
Sorry i have to post here, but i am not allowed to post in technical subforum
I have a problem with the upgrade from chevereto free 1.0.9 to latest 1.0.10
Everything is working fine, but if i upgrade to 1.0.10 every time i restart the browser and go to my-domain.de/chevereto i get a HTTP 500. When i press F5 chevereto loads normal. Tried Firefox/Chrome/IE. Its always the same problem. Went back to 1.0.9 and all is ok