The best image sharing script on the web.

Chevereto is an image sharing script that allows you to enjoy sharing your photos.

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Original photo by Brian Ralphs

Your very own photo sharing service.

Chevereto is an application which allows you host your own image sharing website, easy, fast and beautiful. It allows you to host images, create albums and manage the content best than any other alternative out there and is completely configurable and customizable.


Chevereto has been developed to have a strong back-end but also a superb and beautiful front. It comes with an awesome default theme which works pretty much like a custom CSS/JS Framework and you can easily create your own masterpiece themes. It is just lovely.

Sharing unlocked

Forget all the content rules, premium subcriptions, banners or anything like that. With Chevereto you can setup an image sharing website anywhere. You can use almost any web server out there or even your own computer.

You are safe with Chevereto

It comes with one year of upgrades and support and on top of that Chevereto has more than six years existing and is by far the most used image hosting script in the world.

Rock solid foundation

Chevereto has been built on top of two Open Source frameworks specially crafted for Chevereto: G\ Library and Peafowl. This allows Chevereto an outstanding canvas to keep improving over time.

All goodies included

Chevereto comes bundled with all the most wanted features like user accounts, albums, admin dashboard, ajax file uploader, themes, multilanguages and many more.

Social user accounts

Right out of the box social networks login. No need to get an additional plugin. Account signup can be made by either the internal registration system or using Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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