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Powered by Chevereto on Homepage


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Meine Antwort bezog sich auf eine Kaufversion von Chevereto.

Soweit ich noch aus der vergangenheit weiß dürfte die Free Version auch kein "Powered by Chevereto" beinhalten.
Sollte trotzdem dieser Hinweis vorhanden sein, so finde ich es nur Fair gegenüber dem Entwickler, das bei einer Free Version dieser Hinweis bestehen bleibt.

Translated into english
My answer was for a buy version of Chevereto.

As far as I know from the past, the free version should not include "Powered by Chevereto".
Should nevertheless this note be present, then I find it only Fair opposite the developer, which persists with a Free version of this note.



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Where is this « Powered by Chevreto » in the Source Code ?
I am trying to do this and not disable it in the Dashboard because I just wish to edit this footer credit. Not disable it.



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The dashboard option is for the paid edition only for now. In the Chevereto Free there's an explanation telling you that the updates aren't pushed at the same rate.

In Chevereto Free there's no powered by link. It was removed.


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I still have the « powered by » credit.

Anyway, I just want to find this credit in the source code to edit it.
1.1.4 introduced changes in the "powered by" footer link was used to be present sitewide. Now is present only at the homepage. The release notes here: https://github.com/Chevereto/Chevereto-Free/releases/tag/1.1.4

Regarding "where is that" in the code, is easy as use the Github search: https://github.com/Chevereto/Chevereto-Free/search?q=powered+by&unscoped_q=powered+by