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Rodolfo Berrios – Chevereto founder


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Chevereto Free

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Core license

$15 Personal license
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Network license

$45 Business license
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πŸ“¦What you get?

By purchasing a license you get plenty stuff, it is basically a major version deal:

  • Permission to use the software1
  • Free access to all updates2
  • Tech Support1
  • Pay extra only if you want to update to the next major version3

The current major version is V3, by purchasing you will get free updates and software support for the lifespan of this edition (November 2022).

  • 1 For all the lifespan of the purchased major version.
  • 2 Purchases are covered with six (6) months of free update fee in the release of a new major version. Purchases made 12 months before a new major release get 50% discount on the update fee.
  • 3 Lifetime average is about 6~8 years.

😘 Help indie development!

Chevereto is made mainly by a single developer, your purchase support the ongoing development of this software.

πŸ›‘ Support tiers

Support is delivered by the core developer with help from the Chevereto Community. You can expect software support for bugs and any other kind of error in the software.

  • On-site support
    Checking for software issues directly in your server.
  • Ticket support
    Issue checking and feedback.
  • Community support
    Users help each other.

Did you break something? An extra support layer can be purchased starting at just $45*.

  • * Fee per incident.
  • * Response time within 24-hours.
  • * Covers installation issues, diagnosis, database structure and damaged software integrity.