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Free edition
Paid edition – All features

Chevereto Free

$0 Free license
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Core license

$30 Personal license
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Network license

$60 Business license
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Free edition vs Paid

Chevereto Free includes only the most essential features. Our paid edition comes with all features listed on this website. The table below summarize the difference between our editions.

What you get?

By purchasing a license you get all this:

  • Permission to use the software (no renewal fees)
  • Free access to all updates
  • Unencrypted source code
  • Tech Support
  • Fees applies only if you want to update to the next major version or if you want extended support

The current major version is Chevereto 3, by purchasing you will get free updates and software support for the lifespan of this edition. You don't need to renew or pay anything extra to keep using what you’ve paid for. You only need to pay if you want to upgrade your system to the next major version.

  • 1 Your purchase is covered with six (6) months of free updates in the event of the release of a new major version. Purchases outside of this range (up to 12 months) get a 50% discount on the update fee.
  • 2 Access to updates and support is considered within the lifespan of your licensed major edition.
  • 3 Lifespan for each major version is about 5-7 years.
  • 4 Chevereto 4 is not under development at this time.

Support tiers

Support is delivered by the core developer with help from the Chevereto Community. You can expect software support for bugs and any other kind of error in the software.

  • Pro support
    Faster response times, on-site assiance (server), live chat.
  • Advanced support
    On-site assistance (server).
  • Community support
    Users help each other.

Money back guarantee

Not sure if this is for you? Don't hesitate, we offer 10-day money back guarantee. You can request a refund at any time at our client section. No questions ask.

  • 1 Applies to licenses and license upgrades.
  • 2 The refund can be only issued to the account that made the payment.
  • 3 We reserve the right to deny the refund if we detect guarantee abuse.

Want to try it first?

Purchase now and within 10-days you can request money back. No questions ask. You can also check out our online demo and try the system without installing anything.

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