Get the full Chevereto package and start self-hosting your photos today! Enjoy constant updates, a thrilling community and sustain indie software development.

Core License

$30 Personal usage
Buy Core

Network License

$90 Business usage
Buy Network

📦 The package

By purchasing a license you get plenty stuff, it is basically a major version deal:

  • Permission to use the software*
  • Free access to all updates*
  • Tech support*

The current major version is Chevereto V3, by purchasing you will get free updates and software support for the lifespan of this edition (November 2022).

  • * For all the lifespan of the purchased major version
  • * Lifetime average for major releases is 7 years

😘 Support indie development

Chevereto is indie developed, made by Rodolfo Berrios. Your purchase support the ongoing development of Chevereto.

🛡 Support tiers

Support is delivered by the Chevereto creator and the Chevereto Community. You can expect software support for bugs and any other kind of error in the software.

  • Extended support
    You can purchase Extra support in case you need assistance from the Chevereto developer.
  • On-site support
    Checking for software issues directly in your server
  • Ticket support
    Issue checking and feedback
  • Community support
    Users help each other

🏭 Chevereto V4

The next major version has been announced for 2021-09.