Get the full Chevereto package and start self-hosting your photos today! Enjoy constant updates, a thrilling community and sustain indie software development.

Core License

$30 Personal usage
Buy Core

Network License

$90 Business usage
Buy Network

📦 The package

By purchasing a license you get plenty stuff, it is basically a major version deal:

  • Permission to use the software*
  • Free access to all updates*
  • Tech support*

The current major version is Chevereto V3, by purchasing you will get free updates and software support for the lifespan of this edition (November 2025).

  • * For all the lifespan of the purchased major version
  • * Lifetime average for major releases is 7 years

😘 Support indie development

Chevereto is indie developed, made by Rodolfo Berrios. Your purchase support the ongoing development of Chevereto.

🛡 Support tiers

Support is delivered by the Chevereto creator and the Chevereto Community. You can expect software support for bugs and any other kind of error in the software.

  • On-site support
    Checking for software issues directly in your server
  • Ticket support
    Issue checking and feedback
  • Community support
    Users help each other

You can also get Extra support in case you need assistance from the Chevereto developer.

🏭 Chevereto V4

The next major version has been under development since May 2018. This is all what you need to know:

Note: Chevereto V4 will be progressively released. It will require some time to match the paid offering existing in Chevereto V3, which will happen in the form of plugins that will be spawning until V3 ends its LTS on November 2025.


Want to be part of Chevereto V4 development? Join our Community to share your thoughts, needs and help to build the next-gen Chevereto.