Video Support


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I need this too. Videos are very important to me as well. So is having a paid membership option for registration that sets up a subscription through Stripe


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For webm support, users would probably have to be able to install ffmpeg and webm libraries on their server as well, not to mention to convert iPhone videos from the .mov format too.


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i don't think this will happen, since of 1. This is image hosting script 2.This is not video sharing script or an file hosting script 3.This could probably be made with 3rd party addon for v4 by some one else 4. Rodolfo probably won't approve this as default feature.


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V4 is labeled as "Self-hosted media sharing" so it applies to all media types. Possibly Video won't be a day zero feature? But is something that will be supported, same as audio files. And it must be supported on the core, this can't be provided by plugins it needs to be standard for everybody.