Chevereto Policies

Chevereto Policies

By using any of the services provided by, you are bound to the contents of this Policies page, which applies to payment, privacy and license usage.

Privacy policy

What we do with your data

The user data which is stored in our database is strictly used to provide our services. The data collected is for’s (and its related services) use only and we will not share with any third-party any information about our users and/or clients unless it is expressly required by a representative of the law.

User stored information

The user data is permanently stored until the user request deletion of this data. The user can also request a machine-readable file with the contents of their information.


We use our own and third-party cookies to improve user browsing experience and our services like the "keep me logged" feature. No cookies will be used to track your browsing session for any kind of analytics or ad program.

Payment policy

By purchasing the Software, you hereby claim to know and understand the system features and requirements. If you need to ask something before purchase, check our pre-sales section. No buyers remorse refund policy.

Payments are processed upon notification by PayPal and, in most cases, it will take less than a few seconds. Some payments take longer, but this is out of our control. We process payments as soon as PayPal sends us requests to do so.

If we notice a charge-back, unauthorized payment or anything related to a payment reversal or scam, we will ban any associated license, we will terminate any additional services, and we will take down all of the infringing websites related to that license.