Reviewing Pages contain same content on A-Z sorting

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ğŸŽ¯Description of the issue

1) turning the page when using A-Z adds the name of the first image in the url (not sure if intended) (go one page forward)

2) at some point pages stop working in the A-Z sorting, same images will be displayed each page
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Same ID for the page
▶🚶‍Reproduction steps
  1. Go to catagory, select A-Z sorting
  2. Go to the next page and look at the url
  3. for other issue go to link and move forward 1 page, Link was made by going page by page until around that number where it then stopped working

😢Unexpected result

2) Same images are displayed each page and i am unsure if 1) is supposed to happen and would rather have it not happen


Phoenix Foto Service
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Unfortunately I can not help you with regard to the described problem.
But I can say that on my side of this error does not occur and I am on page 150 ago stocked.
From time to time it happens, however, that on one page two times the same picture is available and it also happens that the pictures repeat but not in the extent as it is the case with them.