Chevereto v3.16.0


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Dear users,

I'm announcing the next version 3.16.0 The pre-release notes as follows:
  • Added image moderation
    Configure how the upload moderation will be handled for guest/users, images must be approved before being listed or even accessible. The to-moderate content will appear on a different listing where only admin and manager have access. There won't be access to the actual image URIs (.jpg files) for public until the content is approved.
  • Added support for ModerateContent
    Allows to block, flag and automatically moderate content approved to Chevereto.
  • Added configurable NSFW lock
    You can configure if users can change the NSFW flagging. When enabled, only admin and manager will be able to edit the image NSFW flag.
  • Added configurable homepage to route /upload
    Allows you to route index to /upload, so direct homepage upload.
  • Added support for image oEmbed
    Allows you to quickly add embeds from Chevereto to any oEmbed client, including WordPress.
  • Added database locks (replace the old filesystem based locks)
  • Improved phpBB support for PUP [Chevereto-Free #58]
  • Deprecated listing viewer go to full screen action
  • Fixed bug in footer.js.php (fatal error)
  • Fixed bug in AZ listing [11638]
  • Fixed bug in missing translation for viewer keyboard hints
  • Fixed bug in functions.render.php [Chevereto-Free #61]
  • Fixed bug with NFS writable folders [Chevereto-Free #65]
  • Fixed bug with XenForo 2 (PUP) [12233]
  • Updated Russian translation
  • Updated all vendor dependencies
  • Updated Chinese Simplified, Czech, Dutch, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese translations
I will try to have it ready for next week.


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Forgot to mention, but the idea of the moderation is to be able to lock the NSFW flagging when content has been already moderated (manually or automatically) so users won't be able to remove the flagging.


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Work in progress regarding ModerateContent, here the settings:


Rather than stealing the code (as I previously mentioned) I made a better implementation, and I managed to only issue 1 call for the API. I'm thinking in an additional setting to automatically resize images > 1MB to use less network, but the actual resizing process is slower than uploading the file to the API. Let me know if this is a thing or I leave it just as is.

The implementation is quite simple, you can choose to block (none, adult, adult and teen) and you can choose how you want to flag the detected content that was allowed to be uploaded.

The service is already enabled, so please try to send nudes to test how it works.


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Work in progress regarding the image moderation.


Additionally, in /moderate you can't like content. The icons and actions are removed in that view.

On image upload, when the content must be moderated the user will get something like this:


^^^ The failed file was labeled as "teen" rating. You can notice a message indicating that sharing is restricted, the user only sees the viewer links. The actual image URLs are removed from the server response to avoid any direct usage of these resources. The image won't appear in any listing but /moderate, which is available only for admin and manager roles. Access to the viewer is restricted until the image gets approved.

You can configure how you want to handle moderation for new uploads: disable (don't moderate), guest (moderate only guest images), all (moderate all uploads). If moderation is enabled and ModerateContent is also enabled, the content will get automatically approved, skipping the manual moderation.

I'm still missing bulk tools to make the approval process easier, and a lock system to prevent users to edit the NSFW flag once the content has been moderated.


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Hey there, the release has been pushed to the demo. Feel free to try it now. The release notes have been updated with the latest bugs I've patched, from now I'm monitoring the demo in case of any bug appears.

The release should be out tomorrow.