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  • Welcome to the Chevereto user community!

    Here users from all over the world gather around to learn the latest about Chevereto and contribute with ideas to improve the software.

    Please keep in mind:

    • 😌 This community is user driven. Be polite with other users.
    • 👉 Is required to purchase a Chevereto license to participate in this community (doesn't apply to Pre-sales).
    • 💸 Purchase a Pro Subscription to get access to active software support and faster ticket response times.
  • Chevereto Support CLST

    Support response

    Support checklist

    • ⚠️ Got a Something went wrong message? Read this guide and provide the actual error. Do not skip this.
    • ✅ Confirm that the server meets the System Requirements
    • 🔥 Check for any available Hotfix - your issue could be already reported/fixed
    • 📚 Read documentation - It will be required to Debug and understand Errors for a faster support response

Bug Tracking

If you found something odd let us know here.

✅ Fixed bugs

Archive with previously fixed bugs.

🤷 Wontfix

Bugs that won't get fixed due to reasons.

🎉 Not bugs

Archive with non-bugs that have been mistakenly reported.
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