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I know there is one that Rodolfo maintains which is on the github repositoy.
I don't. During a brief period I copied this list to the GitHub repo as showcase but shortly after I removed that list.

I didn't know about this. What domain name is it?
Perhaps I can help if it is connected to a github repository. I can help update it regularly.
If helps, I'm willing to transfer the domain as I don't have time for be in charge of that project. As it has been mentioned the domain is and I've it registered at NameSilo.


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Time is scarce for me because I'm in grad school on my last term right now. one month left and I'll be done! I plan on continuing to contribute and help Chevereto. Along with getting this list updated again. I had pruned a lot of things that died as well.

The list was constructed from users who asked to be a part of this. Also a lot of people that are responding to get added don't give me the useful information (everything I need)
  1. site name
  2. Site URL
  3. number of pictures
  4. showcase (if happened)
I'll update this list shortly, but before I do any update I like to purge anything dead first. These change quickly.

Rodolfo's list in the repository is pretty amazing. I like that one too. For this topic I'm thinking of adding a form one must fill out to give us all the info right away (and the screenshot proof) to get added to make updating this a lot easier versus having to go gather the info. Thoughts?


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This month expires and I won't renew it. If someone want to use that domain for the purpose of building a website around top Chevereto websites let me know to transfer the domain.


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I would like to get it transfered. I think I can make a open source repository that will update the website, where people can make pull requests for changes. Otherwise, I will keep it updated.


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5 years have been passed, still alive, and also deleted 50% of images due to Storage issues last year December 2020 as revenue from it is 0 whereas server and emailer costs are higher.

My states are as follow:-



All Thanks to @Rodolfo, for helping at various times and disasters :)