1. zaywalker

    [Guide] Docker paid version with nmtan/chevereto:installer and real ip fix (reverse proxy).

    It's a bit tricky to use nmtan/chevereto:installer with the docker hub instruction. Because when docker container down and up, the html data is gone. So, you need to mount "/var/www/html" not "/var/www/html/images". first of all, my server runs with debian buster and chevereto docker compose...
  2. T

    Paid Docker Version?

    I searched the forum and saw the docker instructions over at But I am unsure of how to install Chevereto on Docker with the paid version. I am interested in buying the paid version, as what is drawing me to Chevereto is the ability to work with S3 and...
  3. Rodolfo

    Development setup show and tell

    Hi there, I'm posting to share my development setup and to share some thoughts about it. The idea is to show and tell and if you have your own custom stuff please share what you like (and hate) about it. While I know that setup a production server is quite straightforward, development rigs are...