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  1. Rodolfo

    Chevereto v3.20.20

    3.20.20 2022-11-26 Fixed bug with queue handling (affects cron) Fixed bug with gettext plurals listings Fixed bug with album redirect
  2. Rodolfo


    3.20.19 2022-08-24 Fixed bug in API upload base64 [14450] Fixed bug in current tab Fixed bug with MySQL connection driver Fixed stored XSS
  3. Rodolfo

    Chevereto v3.20.18 announcement

    Hey there, Chevereto V3.20.18 pre-release notes Added V4 update reference Fixed bugs Updated dependencies
  4. Rodolfo

    Chevereto v3.20.17

    3.20.17 2022-03-03 Added URL upload (admin only) Updated dependencies
  5. Rodolfo

    Chevereto v3.20.16

    3.20.16 2021-12-13 Fix bug in B2 Storage delete queue [13959] Fix bug in image types detection [13958] Fix bug in password protected albums not being listed [13694] Fix bug in upload to album trigger [13968] Fix bug in watermark animated images [13972]
  6. Rodolfo

    Chevereto v3.20.15

    3.20.15 2021-11-17 Added detection of available image formats Fixed bug in htaccess-enforce command [13934] Fixed bug in Azure storage implementation Fixed bug in missing ca-bundle [13907] Improved HTTPS handling for CloudFlare Updated B2 client dependency [13908] Updated dependencies 👉Release...
  7. Rodolfo

    Chevereto v3.20.15 announcement

    Hey there, Chevereto V3.20.15 is on the works and this revision aims to fix many of the bug fixes and oddities present in the software. 🙈 Automatic detection of available image formats It has become too common to provide the software in servers where imagick/gd is bundled without support for...
  8. Rodolfo

    Chevereto v3.20.13

    3.20.13 2021-10-22 Added "Chevereto news" section at dashboard panel Added cron ran status check Added enforced .htaccess checking Added IP ranges blocking from URL upload Added protocol restrictions for URL upload Fixed bug affecting mobile listings Improved .htaccess configuration Improved...
  9. Rodolfo

    Chevereto V3.20.13 announcement

    Dear Cheveretos, 👉 V3.20 is still the production standard and you will love to hear that V3.20.13 is already in the making and it will arrive by the end of the month. For this new release we are focusing in adding more security to the system, by disabling iframe embedding and enforcing...
  10. Rodolfo

    Chevereto v3.20.11

    3.20.11 2021-09-01 Fixed bug in cli.php Fixed bug in conflicting OPcache settings Fixed bug in MySQL InnoDB index update Fixed self-XSS on duplicate uploads [13713] Fixed XSS vulnerability in oEmbed implementation Improved update errors on connectivity issues Updated Bulgarian, German...
  11. Rodolfo

    Chevereto v3.20.9

    3.20.9 2021-07-07 Added CLI command for setting-update Added missing formats failsafe check Added missing table storage failsafe check Added more system variables for controlling system availability Improved HTTP timeout settings Fixed bug in ambiguous "Can't connect to %s" message Fixed bug...
  12. Rodolfo

    Chevereto v3.20.8

    3.20.8 2021-06-28 Added long-press listing selection for mobile Added option to toggle URL image uploads (disabled by default) Fixed bug in queue handling (typo) Fixed bug when using remote storage assets
  13. Rodolfo

    Chevereto V3.20.7

    3.20.7 2021-06-24 Added feedback aid message on MySQL storage engine issues on updating Added new list item selected effect Updated all dependencies
  14. Rodolfo

    Chevereto V3.20.6

    3.20.6 2021-06-19 Added configurable "Powered by Chevereto" display at homepage Added link to Chevereto under user settings (follows powered by setting) Added setting for image_library Added setting to disable php pages (only html) Added support for MySQL 5.7 Fixed bug getting updated page...
  15. Rodolfo

    Chevereto v3.20.5

    Chevereto v3.20.5 Released on June 14th 2021 Added setting for image_library Fixed bug in asset storage (Docker) Fixed bug [13477] Updated Chinese Simplified translation Check README.txt file and v3-docs.chevereto.com for install or update instructions. If you edited some or part of the...
  16. Rodolfo

    Chevereto v3.20.4

    Chevereto v3.20.4 Released on June 9th 2021 Added sharing for Weixin, Weibo, Qzone and QQ Added support for drop image URL upload Fixed bug [13442] Fixed bug in default watermarks Fixed bug in PDO connection missing custom attributes Fixed bug in share buttons missing image placeholder...
  17. Rodolfo

    Chevereto v3.20.2

    Chevereto v3.20.2 Released on June 4th 2021 Fixed bug in update process Fixed bug in upload interface Fixed bug in /explore/animated Fixed bugs [13304,13405,13406,13414] Implemented RFC [13419] Check README.txt file and v3-docs.chevereto.com for install or update instructions. If you edited...
  18. Rodolfo

    Chevereto v3.20.1

    Chevereto v3.20.1 Released on June 1st 2021 Fixed bug in consent screen Fixed bugs [13370,13380,13381] Implemented RFC [8586] Updated all dependencies Check README.txt file and v3-docs.chevereto.com for install or update instructions. If you edited some or part of the affected files merge your...
  19. Rodolfo

    Chevereto v3.20.0

    Chevereto v3.20.0 Read Chevereto v3.20 "coqueto" announcement Released on May 30th 2021 Added "errorId" for all error messages Added "Powered by" in user settings Added application level error handling Added cover viewer for "animated" Added environment variables for system settings Added...
  20. Rodolfo

    Chevereto v3.20 "coqueto" announcement

    Dear all, I'm announcing the upcoming release of v3.20 which feature massive changes that I'm sure you will appreciate as it improves in pretty much everything. Featuring optimized support for containers (Docker), Font Awesome 5 icons, tooling improves and new testing standard. This release...