1. P

    3.15+ API broken

    ▶🚶‍Reproduction steps curl -d 'key=***&source=https://avatars.mds.yandex.net/get-pdb/2883449/338951b0-3a78-4bab-9b21-372b8e849b63/s1200' 'https://onlystorage.org/api/1/upload' 📃Error log message
  2. dr_brown

    API does not accept image in URLs with space or "%20"

    ▶🚶‍Reproduction steps I am writing a python parser that copies text information in html. When processing text, and selecting links to pictures, there are pictures in the URL that may contain spaces. When I try to upload a picture using API, with such a URL I get an error. Although the browser...
  3. kartikey21

    How to get API Key for extraimages.com

    I am fairly new to chevereto and want to know how to get API v1 key. It says to go to Dashboard > Settings > API. But I am not able to find it please anyone helps me. Thanks in advance.
  4. knightsguard

    API issue

    Good evening! I'm working closely with a few fellow mobile app developers and we've came across an issue with the POST function. The GET function works properly and will fetch a URL and upload it... but when attempting to upload a local base 64 image source, the error log keeps receiving "Can't...
  5. mattgphoto

    How to make ShareX upload images/screenshots as my user via the api?

    🎯Description of the issue When trying to upload screenshots to my chevereto install as my user via ShareX with the myapi workaround, it fails. ▶🚶‍Reproduction steps Following this guide: https://chevereto.com/docs/api-v1#api-user I have in the ShareX destination settings as follows...
  6. neoark

    When using API user upload + requests.post via python File too big..

    Hello, It seems like when I try to post an image via API it is using guest limits {"status_code":400,"error":{"message":"File too big - max 1 MB","code":313,"context":"CHV\\UploadException"},"status_txt":"Bad Request"} . I am using the custom route with API user upload...
  7. McAtze

    Kraken.io API Integration

    Is it possible to integrate the Kraken.io per API? Sorry for my bad english.. ;)
  8. T

    Flickr API integration?

    Hi, Is there an existing script for extracting images and metadata from a flickr account and importing it into chevereto?
  9. P

    Chevereto API for phpBB 3.2

    Simple extension for phpBB 3.2+ for automatically upload image from BBcode IMG to Chevereto. GitHub: https://github.com/LordBeaver/phpbb_chevereto
  10. I

    Testing - Need mass upload API Help

    Hello. Trying out this product for two reasons... None the less I would like to mass update pictures, and I'm familiar with PowerShell but not PHP. That being said, I've been able to use the API to upload from an URL, however there are references to being able to use __Files to do it from the...
  11. Abdoubt

    What about API v2 ?

    as you know Chevereto support API v1 witch allows to upload pictures as guest to your (website, app), i want to know is there any news about API v2 ?
  12. Kenny2606

    API Usage in Tweetbot for Mac

    Hello everyone, I tested several options but none functioned. So I ask you for help to find out if someone happens to use the API v1 with Tweetbot for Mac? Have looked on Google and the Forum but no solutions... Thanks for help :) Kévin