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About requests to use Onedrive or SharePoint as storage(关于使用Onedrive或SharePoint作为存储的请求)


Chevereto Member
您好,我最近在想,想把OneDrive或者是SharePoint当作存储节点,但是我没看到相关的API,我这边尝试使用Rclone挂载节点用Local API或ftp的API,但是反应速度很慢,我建议在V4增加这个API,或者大佬们请给我一些支持,感谢

Hello, I was thinking recently that I would like to use OneDrive or SharePoint as a storage node, but I did not see the relevant API. I tried to use Rclone to mount nodes using the Local API or ftp API, but the response speed was slow. I suggest adding this API in V4, or please give me some support, thanks
The biggest feature of chevereto is the direct link of the URL. However, most cloud disk APIs have limitations. This goes against the core of chevereto. So I don't recommend adding this feature