Chevereto Support

With an active Chevereto license you get access to all our support offering.

Extra Support

Extra support is delivered in private, via email and directly with the developer. Translation available, you can ask in your language.

  • Response time within 36 hours
  • Delivered by Chevereto creator
  • Installation service
  • Damaged installation
  • Direct email communication
  • Your servers on your network
  • * Support fee per hour
  • * Installation available for cPanel, Plesk, Docker, VPS (Ubuntu)

Pro Support

Support subscription with faster response times.

  • Response time within 3 days
  • Priority Bug tracking and RFC
  • Unrestricted community access
  • Access to Pro forums
  • * Renewable subscription

Bug Tracking

Report any issues you may encounter. Fixes gets pushed to improve the software.

  • Response time within 30 days
  • Doesn't cover server issues

1. Read the documentation

The documentation provides information on everything and the troubleshoot allows you to easily narrow down the issue you are experiencing.

2. Open a ticket

Once you narrow down your issue you can open a ticket.

  • * Response time within 30 days