Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with Chevereto?

Chevereto is self-hosted software, it runs on your machines. Do whatever you want long as the software usage complies with the License agreement.

Does it call home?

Chevereto doesn't require a remote server somewhere checking for software access. We only restrict downloads of the software, not installations.

What if license expires?

You lose access to software downloads, updates, bug fixes and the Chevereto community.

  • Keep using your downloaded software
  • You can re-subscribe anytime

Support layers?

Chevereto provides several support layers. All paid support offering is optional, not required to use the software.

  • Pro Support yearly subcription
  • Extra Support per event
  • Software & Community Support


We don't have any kind of access to your instance nor your installation contents.

  • We don't include any access mechanism
  • We can't control neither limit your installation

Source code encrypted?

Chevereto source code is not encrypted. The code is provided raw "as-is".

  • DRM-free software
  • Modify and study the source code
  • Analyze source for your compliance

Is my installation private?

Yes. Your installation is yours, not ours.

  • We can't access your installation
  • We can't know how you use Chevereto
  • We can't know about users and content uploaded
  • We don't telemetry or collect any stats

Can I reset my license key?

Yes. You can regenerate license key from the client panel.

  • Keep your license safe


Chevereto is made to free yourself, not the opposite. No vendor, provider, or usage lock-in at all.

  • Freely choose and switch providers anytime
  • No system usage caps

Got further questions?

We are delighted to know your concerns. Feel free to visit the community pre-sales or contact us directly.