All you need for image sharing

A modern image uploader with drag-and-drop upload experience, multi-server support, moderation tools, categories, user accounts, private albums and more. You will just love Chevereto!

Responsive User Interface

Chevereto comes with a gorgeous fully responsive user interface with a universal drag-and-drop upload experience, an astonishing content manager, and a user interface that you’ll fall absolutely in love with for its gorgeous look and feel.

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Upload plugin

Easily provide image uploading to any existing website via the upload plugin. It features seamless support for the most popular forum software packages such as XenForo, phpBB, vBulletin, SMF, Discourse, IP.Board, Vanilla, ProBoards and more.

Large scale

Chevereto is made for large image collections and plenty of Chevereto powered websites are already hosting about 1M up to 15M images.

Multi-image upload

A configurable image upload that features image previews, drag-and-drop and parallel uploads. It also includes image resizing, watermarks, removal of Exif data, expire uploads, NSFW flags, private uploading and more.

Bulk content importing

Add tons of content with the bulk content importer, supporting metadata and it works with Google Photos backup format.

Categories and context

Add categories and set their name, URL and description. You can also set the title and description for each image uploaded or album created. Set the right context for your content and allow search engines to crawl your website with the greatest of ease.


All listings include management tools, allowing to control the content anywhere. It has drag select items and it support perform bulk actions for a selection of items like edit, delete, flag content, create albums and more.

Multi-language support

Bundled with 28 languages. It works brilliantly to select the ideal language for your users automatically, as well as being ready for any language you may wish to add. Check out our translations to see all the available translations and to contribute.

Supports language overrides so you can alter any single phrase being displayed without having to alter any other file.

Social features

It includes image likes and user followers system. Comes with account signup using social login right out the box. No additional plugins needed, just paste the API keys.

Easy to set up

Chevereto installs quickly and is highly configurable. You can install it anywhere, and it includes one-click update system to make things easier for you.

Moderation tools

Configure how incoming uploads will be moderated. It also supports external services for checking the user generated content with NSFW flagging and blocking of undesired content.

Privacy settings

You can set up either a public or private community based image hosting website, or configure it as a personal website.

Chevereto also includes support for private profiles and password-protected albums.

Admin dashboard

All the stats and tools that you need to run your website are all together in one central and extensive admin dashboard where you can manage everything.

All of the important system information and usage statistics right in one place.

Multi-server support

Distribute the image uploads among as many external storage servers as you wish to add. Chevereto includes support for Amazon S3, Azure, Alibaba, Google Cloud Storage, OpenStack, Backblaze B2 and FTP/SFTP.

Make money with ads

Chevereto supports banners with plenty slots for placing codes, just paste the banner code and you’re done.

The system allows both SFW and NSFW banners that will be shown depending on the content being displayed. Your ads will always appear in the right context.

No time-based renewal fees

Updates and software support is included in a one-time purchase.

Constant updates

New Releases are always being added to Chevereto.

Full feature list

  • Image upload
    • Unique and custom-developed HTML5 uploader
    • Maximum image size (width/height) auto-resizing
    • Supports simultaneous upload threads
    • Configurable supported image formats
    • Drag-and-drop + clipboard upload from anywhere
    • Multiple-image upload
    • Upload from your computer, phone or image URL
    • Image resizing
    • Image auto-deletion
    • Removal of image Exif data
    • Public/private uploading
    • NSWF upload flagging
    • Preview queue and progress
    • Get embed codes
    • Duplicate upload detector (Daily + IP + hash)
    • Configurable guest uploads on/off
    • Configurable thumbnails and medium-sized image
      • Set size of thumbs (fixed)
      • Set width of medium (scaled height)
    • Configurable storage mode
      • Date-folders (Y/m/d).
      • Directory (/images)
    • Configurable file-naming
      • Original for keeping the original file name
      • Random for a totally random filename
      • Mixed (Original + Random)
      • Image ID for file name to match the image ID
  • Users
    • Unique user names
    • Private profiles
    • Encoded public IDs
    • Images and galleries (albums)
    • Roles
      • User, manager and admin roles
    • User profile
      • /username or /user/username configurable profile URLs
      • Bio
      • Social Networks login
      • BCrypted passwords
      • Avatar and profile background images
      • User albums and galleries
      • Search of a user’s content
      • Counters (images and albums)
    • Multiple social networks
      • User can bind Google, Facebook, Twitter and VK to access to their accounts
    • Registration
      • Register account by email address + password combo
      • Password strength color indicator
      • Social networks login (configurable on/off requirement for email address)
      • Configurable on/off validation of user email addresses
      • Configurable minimum age for signup
    • User configurable settings
      • Username
      • User name (real name)
      • Email
      • Newsletter on/off
      • Show NSFW on/off
      • Language
      • Time zone
      • Profile (name, website, bio)
      • Password
      • Connected social networks
  • Images
    • Support for equirectangular 360 images
    • oEmbed
    • Three (3) image Sizes: Thumbnail, medium and full (original) size
    • Unique short URL (encrypted IDs with padding)
    • Image categories
    • Load button for large images
    • Fast image loading + loading indicator
    • Configurable "click to load" size threshold
    • NSFW / SFW image flags
    • Full EXIF show/hide info
    • Editable values (Title, Description, Category, Album, NSFW)
    • Configurable on/off for downloading original image
    • Configurable on/off for right-click on image
    • Views counter
    • One-click copy embed codes
  • Albums
    • Sub-albums (nested albums)
    • Select album cover image
    • Uploading images directly to a target album
    • Public and private albums
    • Editable album descriptions, name and privacy
    • Get all album images embed codes
    • Content manager (move, delete, etc.)
    • Privacy modes (public, private, anyone-with-the-link, password)
    • Guest albums
  • Content
    • Explore
      • List all content (images, albums, users)
      • List content by date, trending, popular and animated
      • Special animated (GIF) listing
    • Listings
      • Explore recent, popular and trending content
      • Sort by date, views, likes, A-Z
      • Built-in Bulk content manager (Multiple editing)
      • Built-in privacy scope
      • Paginated results using "seek" method
      • Get embed codes for selected elements
      • Configurable endless scrolling or classic pagination
      • Configurable fixed-height or fluid (like Pinterest)
      • Configurable number of columns
      • Play animated GIF images directly in listings
      • Configurable on/off blur for NSFW content
    • Content Manager
      • Universal manager (available system-wide)
      • Drag-select for easy mass item selection
      • Manage single and multiple image or album content
      • Bulk flag content, assign category, delete, move to album, etc.
      • Manage users (dashboard)
    • Categories
      • Support for unlimited categories
      • Set name, URL and description
      • SEO-friendly categories
    • Search
      • Full text search engine
      • Basic and advanced search
      • Search images, albums and users
      • Advanced search with excluded words
      • Search operators
        • category:name
        • storage:id
        • ip:
    • Share
      • Social Networks
      • Embed codes (HTML and BBCode)
    • Pages
      • Pages manager
      • Totally customizable with full PHP support
      • Support for custom URL key (page URL path)
      • Configurable settings
        • Title
        • Status (online/offline)
        • Type (internal or link)
        • Visibility
        • Link attributes (rel + target + icon)
        • Meta keywords and description (SEO)
        • Sort order
    • Additional features
      • Upload plugin
      • Configurable consent screen (age verification)
      • One click configurable display EU Cookie law
      • Twitter Cards
      • Facebook Open Graph
      • Emoji support
  • SEO
    • Internal only redirection (zero link juice passing for third-party URLs)
    • SEO optimized titles and descriptions
    • Set website title and description
    • Configurable SEO-friendly categories
    • Usage of own content meta descriptions
    • Friendly descriptive URLs
    • Supports subdomain wildcards (languages and user profiles)
    • Supports hreflang
  • Ad manager (banners)
    • Manage banners directly from the admin panel
    • 16 predefined placements
    • Support any banner HTML/JS code and size
  • Watermarks
    • Configure watermark image, opacity and position
    • Adaptive watermarks (fits target image)
    • Enable/disable per user group (guest, user, admin)
    • Protect your copyright or just brand your website
  • Themes
    • Default theme in two tones (light and dark)
    • Cast any PHP code (Listings, info, external classes, etc.)
    • Add any JS, CSS and HTML code like pop-under or anything else
    • Support for custom theme hooks
    • Support for theme overrides (customize only what you need)
    • User toggle for light and dark theme tones
  • Moderation
    • Configurable uploads incoming approval
    • ModerateContent integration
    • Configurable locking of NSFW editing
  • Branding
    • Optional "Powered by Chevereto" link
  • Spam
    • Akismet for user generated content
    • StopForumSpam for user signup
  • Website modes
    • Community (multiple users, social features, etc.)
    • Personal (photo/store portfolio)
    • Configurable global website privacy mode
  • Social features
    • Likes system
      • One click like/dislike for images and albums
      • Available in listings and in image viewer
      • Liked content gets stored in user's "liked" listing
      • Configurable on/off feature
    • Follow system
      • One click follow/unfollow button
      • Generates a curated list with content uploaded by the people you follow
      • User's following and followers lists
      • Configurable on/off feature
    • Notification system
      • Instant alerts for social triggered actions
  • Configurable core features
    • Enable or disable features like user registration, image upload (guest/registered), random button, explore, search, etc.
  • Responsive layout
    • Responsive layout (multi-device)
    • Optimized for any screen resolution
    • Works on phones, phablets, tablets and computers
  • Admin dashboard
    • One-click system update
    • Built-in automatic or manual update check
    • System stats and info (number of images, users, etc)
    • Manage all content (images, albums, users)
    • Manually create users
    • Bulk content importer
      • Works for images, users and albums
      • Folder-based content parsing with support for metadata
      • Manual and automatic importing
    • Configurable settings
      • On/off user content deletion
      • Website (name, description, etc.)
      • Homepage settings
      • Content (Privacy, listings, etc.)
      • Image upload (permissions, size, thumbs, paths, etc.)
      • User signup methods, email confirmation, etc.
      • Watermarks
      • Theme (Logo, tone, custom CSS and JS)
      • Banner codes
      • System features
      • Email configuration (SMTP/PHP Mail)
      • Social networks
      • External services
      • External storage
      • Virtual routes
      • On/off system features (explore, search, random, etc.)
      • IP bans
      • Listing settings
      • EU Cookie law compliance
      • HTTPS (auto, forced, disable)
    • Routing settings (virtual routes)
      • Configure album and image base route (/image and /album)
    • Homepage settings
      • Style (landing, mixed, explore)
      • Background covers
      • Logo, title, text and call-to-action behavior
      • Call-to-action color
  • Security features
    • IP-based banning system
      • Ban any IP from using the system
      • Set a ban expiration date
      • Set a ban message, HTML display or a URL redirection
    • Image and album flood protection
      • Avoid malicious attempts to flood your website
      • Set limits by minute, hour, week and month (only for images)
      • Get flood reports instantly to your email
    • System-wide CSRF protection
    • Registration flood IP protection
  • System
    • Configurable automatic update check
    • Built-in classes for upload, handling, listing, etc.
    • Themes support
    • Extremely configurable (Website values, upload settings, etc.)
    • All HTML5-based (Default theme)
    • Queue handler
    • Smart Minify code (JS, CSS)
    • Cache translations (built on top of Gettext)
    • Configurable maintenance mode
    • System notices
    • IP-based banning system
    • G\DB PDO-based
    • Encoded IDs
      • Never shows the real ID of the content
      • Works by converting numeric IDs to alphanumeric representation
    • Debug
      • Dump query
      • Configurable debug levels
      • Once-click enable/disable PHP error-reporting
    • Lock system
      • Custom lock system which avoids concurrency issues
      • Works with files (universal support)
  • Multi-language system
    • Manual and automatic language detection
    • Configurable enabled languages (languages allowed to be used)
    • Supports translation overrides (easy phrase-editing)
    • Works with language cache (fastest performance)
  • API
    • Bundled API to upload pictures
    • JSON, TXT and redirect responses
    • Supports ShareX desktop uploader out of the box
  • Code
    • Not encrypted source code
    • Based on own developed frameworks:
    • G\ Library
      • MVC PHP micro-framework
      • Fast and lightweight
      • Object-oriented
      • Namespaces
      • Routes with overrides and aliases
      • Overwrites and extensions
      • Themes
    • Peafowl framework (theme base)
      • CSS/JS front-end framework
      • Responsive
      • Font icons
      • Listings
      • Complete set of tools:
        • Alerts
        • Modal boxes
        • Form and grid elements
        • Tabs
  • External service integrations
    • ModerateContent
    • Social Networks signup
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Google+
      • VK
    • Storage servers
      • Amazon S3
      • S3 compatible (DreamObjects, DigitalOcean Spaces, etc)
      • Alibaba Cloud
      • Microsoft Azure
      • Backblaze B2
      • Google Cloud
      • OpenStack
      • FTP
      • SFTP
    • Disqus SSO
    • reCAPTCHA (v2 & v3)
    • CDN