Chevereto is actively maintained and supported. A trilling community and a supportive developer got you covered.

Pro Support

Top-choice alternative for pros with the following perks:

  • Response time within 7 days
  • Priority Bug tracking and RFC
  • Unrestricted community access
  • Access to Pro forums
  • One (1) Extra Support ticket for free
  • * Renewable subscription
  • * One (1) Extra Support ticket included when purchasing yearly

Extra Support

The best choice for business. Direct assistance, on site.

  • Tempo di risposta entro 36 ore
  • Covers installation issues, damaged installation and server issues
  • Delivered by Chevereto creator
  • Direct email communication
  • Installation service
  • * Support fee per hour

Bug tracking

Bug tracking is totally free and it covers any kind of reproducible error in the software.

  • 60 days response time
  • Doesn't cover server issues
  • Requires debugging and understanding of system errors

1. Leggi la documentazione

La documentazione fornisce informazioni su tutto e la risoluzione dei problemi ti consente di restringere facilmente il problema che stai riscontrando.

2. Apri un ticket

Una volta ristretto il problema, puoi aprire un ticket.

  • * Response time within 30-days