Chevereto is actively maintained and supported. A trilling community and a supportive developer got you covered.

Technischer Support
Melde einen technischen Fehler

Technischer Support

Sie können Software-Unterstützung für Fehler und für andere auftretenden Fehler in der Software erwarten.

  • Installation procedures
  • Chevereto system and its inner workings
  • Troubleshoot server-related issues
  • Understanding of system messages and error entries

1. Read the documentation

The dokumentation provides information on everything and the troubleshoot allows you to easily narrow down the issue you are experiencing.


2. Open a ticket

Once you narrow down your issue you can open a ticket.

Open a ticket

Zusätzliche Unterstützung

Need a hand? You can purchase Zusätzliche Unterstützung for just $45.

  • Service delivered by Chevereto creator
  • Direct email communication
  • Official installation service
  • Covers installation issues, diagnosis, database structure and damaged software integrity
  • Response time within 12 hours
  • * Support fee per incident

No time for digging all the tech?

Don't worry, we understand that self-hosting is not for everybody. Check our upcoming cloud offering alternative to enjoy our software without any trouble.

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