Holen Sie sich das vollständige Chevereto-Paket und hosten Sie Ihre Fotos noch heute selbst!

Chevereto V3

$15 Per root domain + VAT if applicable
V3 kaufen

Chevereto V4

$59 Per root domain + VAT if applicable
V4 kaufen

Das Paket

A Chevereto license grants you access to use our software and deploy your own image hosting.

  • Erlaubnis zur Nutzung der Software
  • Freier Zugriff auf alle Updates
  • No hidden fees
  • No subscription
  • One-time payment
  • Full community access
  • Technischer Support
  • * Für die gesamte Lebensdauer der gekauften Hauptversion
  • * Support covers latest stable version

On-premise licensing

Self-hosted Chevereto requires a thorough understanding of maintaining an infrastructure that is compatible with our software.

We recommend consulting with your IT team

The license

Use it as is, or as a base system and tweak it to make it unique. Our source code is completely unencrypted for your own analysis and compliance.

  • Full source code access
  • Make your own derivate work

V3 & V4 included

Chevereto V4 purchase includes V3 licensing

V4 Upgrade prices

  • Free V3 purchases made between 2020-09-01 and 2020-09-30 can redeem V4 upgrade for free until 2021-12-31
  • $25 For V3 purchases made before 2020-09-01
  • $49 For V3 purchases made after 2021-10-16

Not into software licensing?

Don't worry, we understand that self-hosting is not for everybody. Check our upcoming cloud offering alternative to enjoy our software without any trouble.