Get started with Chevereto

'Get it in your server within minutes! The documentation covers many installation methods plus user contributed content with plenty step-by-step guides.'

Step-by-step install with our installer

A single file PHP script that that downloads, installs and configure the software for you.


  • Download the installer file.
  • Upload the installer to your target destination (usually the public_html folder).
  • Open your website and follow the process.


Check the install documentation for installing on VPS, cPanel, Docker, Softaculous, Fantastico and more. Don't forget to check the user contributed guides.

Using cPanel?

Go to cPanel Home > Files > File manager to upload the installer to the public_html folder of your website.

Server requirements

The installer requires PHP 7.4+ plus the standard Chevereto requirements.

Installer Source & API

The installer is Open Source and it also provides a simple API which you can use to provide automated installation like offer Chevereto pre-installed in your web hosting. Learn more at chevereto/installer.