Chevereto Free image hosting script

Chevereto Free is an Open Source fork of the main edition, perfect to get started with Chevereto.

Get Started
Open Source software available on GitHub

An Open Source fork

Chevereto Free includes the essential features your need for experiencing self-hosted image hosting. It has the same look and feel of the paid version, but it is oriented for personal usage. The features removed in this fork are those business-oriented like external storage servers or banner management to name a few.

Upgrade to paid edition

If you like Chevereto Free then you’ll love the full package. You can one-click upgrade from Chevereto Free to the latest 3.18.0 paid release totally hassle-free directly from your dashboard panel.

Open Source software

Chevereto Free is Open Source software released under the MIT License. The repository is at Chevereto/Chevereto-Free.

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