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Rodolfo Berrios – Don Chevereto


What can I do with it?

Do whatever you want long as you respect the License agreement.

  • Use it for any purpose
  • Create derivative works

Source code encrypted?

Chevereto source code is not encrypted. We don't hide anything from you.

  • Modify and study the source code
  • Analyze the code for your compliance


We don't have any kind of access to your instance nor your installation contents.

  • We don't control neither limit your installation
  • We don't include any access mechanism

How private is my installation?

Your installation is yours, not ours.

  • We can't access your installation
  • We don't know how you use it nor who are your users
  • We don't telemetry or collect any stats


Chevereto is made to free yourself, not the opposite. No vendor, user or provider lock-in at all.

  • Freely choose and switch providers anytime
  • No user or system caps

Got any questions?

We are delighted to know your concerns. Feel free to visit the community pre-sales or contact us directly.