🧑‍⚖️ DMCA

DMCA & Chevereto

Chevereto is server-side software that is installed, by its users, in servers provisioned by each user of the software. I don't provide any kind of hosting services and each installation requires a server that is third-party provisioned, where the software will be executed and where the content will be stored for public access.

Powered by Chevereto

Probably you ended here after seeing copyrighted content hosted in a website made with Chevereto. "Powered" means that is runs Chevereto software, not that I run or own the alleged website. The use of the Chevereto brand and name is because it is included in the default theme assets, it doesn't mean anything else.

I do software, not hosting

At Chevereto I only distribute software, I don't provide the actual services that are needed to offer the software installed. This includes the ability to upload and share both photos and albums, manage content, etc. All of these services aren't provided by Chevereto, but by each Chevereto installation.

My copyright is being affected

Sorry if your copyright is being affected by someone running Chevereto. I don't make the software with the intention of causing such harm neither to help those seeking to damage others.

If someone is using Chevereto for illegal activities, you must contact the hosting provider to request content takedown or go directly to a law enforcement agency. I will be happy to collaborate with any investigation in this matter and I'm willing to provide IPs, logs, emails and any information required by a law enforcement agency.

Please note that I don't have any control or access to any user installation of the software.

What to do about it?

The only authority that can cease the access to copyrighted content being infringed is the data center where the alleged content is being stored for access. I've have prepared a guide that you should follow in these cases:

How to proceed

First of all, you will need the server IP where your content is being stored for access. This can be know by using a service like get-site-ip.com. From there, you can use ip-info.io to retrieve information about the IP, from which you can the route, ASN and abuse contact email.

Send a DMCA to the abuse contact indicating how your copyright is being affected and that you want to cease the access to the content.


People into stealing copyrighted content usually hide the server IP and host off-shore to be able to carry the felony. Usually this is achieved by using CloudFlare or other services alike. While it is a completely legal service, it also works to conceal illegal activities by allowing to hide the real server IP under a proxy, which won't allow to determine the real server IP and therefore your complains will end in the wrong party.

Send the CloudFlare abuse form requesting to forward your complaint to the website owner. If they keep ignoring you, ask to provide the abuse contact for the data center where the alleged content is being delivered.

Due to CloudFlare's privacy, they won't disclose the real IP to you unless you go with a law enforcement order.

Once you get the point of contact for the alleged data center, you will have to send a DMCA. Be very explicit in indicate that CloudFlare provided the contact information as the people at the data center must be able to relate the claim with an existing account in their systems.

I did everything, what now?

Internet is still a wild place where most people can do this kind of stuff and walk away without any consequences very easily. I do understand how bad it is to get your stuff stolen as it also happens to me all the time. For years I tried to fight the piracy around the software and by when Google, Amazon, Alibaba and other major cloud providers stopped taking action I just stop worrying about it as is a futile effort.

Hope you can carry the fight, wish you best of lucks with it. However, try to appreciate the fact that your stuff is being consumed which means that at least you are doing something right?

Try to workaround it rather than destroy it. For real, it is impossible to kill piracy.