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This is a followup to this ticket: https://chevereto.com/community/threads/random-black-background-on-watermark.9380/#post-51918

We tried:

- Making the watermark smaller by settings (percentage)
- Making the source watermark file smaller (but still larger than the actual displayed one)
- Making the source watermark the same size as the displayed watermark would show on larger images
- Ensuring filesize was under 16kb
- Updating to the newest version (several times, as updates came out)

And nothing fixed it. We thought maybe it was fixed for a while as images were going through fine, but it wasn't. As I wrote originally, it is not showing like that for all images - very strange why it is not working.

Anyway, your last post there you said you would make the image for us if it didn't work. I am making a new request so I don't publicly post the PSD.

Thank you.


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Attached watermark works without issues with these settings:


Working demo: https://demo.chevereto.com/a/s2

To fix anything then I need to first replicate the issue you are reporting. Use the watermark file attached, show me the options that you are using to watermark and attach here (zip upload) a bunch of images triggering this issue.

Please note that if I'm unable to replicate the issue then I'm unable to do anything for you as I can't fix what I can't see.


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