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View and Destroy


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How about having Viewed and Destroy option when users upload the images as if they can choose the auto-delete by the number of times the images got viewed.

Example: In the chat room, some users want to get the images deleted as soon it viewed by another person and only 1 count. So she/he will set the count as 1 and then autodelete.

So as soon she/he share, the other person will see and then boom, it will get auto-deleted as the count is 1.

Note: I will add another RFC to not consider views from the owner + admin

👏Where did you saw this?

Seen it on a few IM apps.
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Somebody got it downvoted as the RFC before created was not very clear. So I have updated with example and I am sure more people will like it and it will boost the visit to their site.
View and destroy is nice for sending notes to self, or, something confidential. I like it, gives a desktop version of vital messaging features.