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Video Support

While it might be "easy", it's not as simple or "easy" as just uploading the video file. Different browsers and devices support certain video or audio codecs, along with the quality of the video. If you uploaded a 4k video and expected a device that doesn't support 4k to play it, you'll have some very....questionable outcomes such as black lines across the screen for one.

FFMPEG allows for conversion of the video into a format that is usually widely accepted these days as the standard for "streaming", which is h264, or h265 (preview). Plus, depending on how @Rodolfo wants it to be, he could also be planning on splitting up the video into the HLS or MPEG Dash formats with different qualities, which is what a lot of big internet video companies use. (YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, Disney Plus, etc)
There is huge void of video host after imgur has stopped allowing NSFW content on their platform. Not only users, but chevereto is letting this huge opportunity slide.
I have started using a seaparate script myself for personal use. I wish I could continue it with chevereto instead, and so does many content creators of reddit.
Hope you're all doing well - I did ask about video in March but just thought i'd check in to see if there is there any progress on the possibility of uploading video or does anyone have any alternatives or workarounds that may help?