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Dear users, friends and Chevereto fans:

Some time ago I announced improvements to the documentation, during all this time I've been improving the system and look how far it got as it spawned documentation for everything (and more to come):
My work around this has been into create the system that deploys a documentation source, I've been doing this at the same time I write the above docs. When it started it was a very raw PoC, now is a elaborated system and at some point I will release it for general usage. I hope to use the same system later to easily enable you to provide the same kind of documentation for your own systems. 👀 How sounds automatic settings-aware documentation for your own Chevereto installation?.

Anyway, V3 documentation is not well organized. The process was to take the old docs and port-it to the new system, I did some improves but nothing major. V3 docs also has the problem that topics aren't easy to digest.

I want to improve the docs, to re-organize and to put all the examples/secrets on "how-to" that are hidden in the endless posts of this forum. There are "ways" to cleanup inactive images, to bulk-do something... All that is hard to find and make that those with any little issue just run in panic, we should have all that written in docs.

Help needed

I need contributors for improving the V3 documentation source. This is how you can collaborate:
  • Designing a better organization for existing contents
  • Correcting typos
  • Improving readability
  • Updating guides (for example at storages? social?)
Let me know how you want to help, we can use GitHub for organizing the discussion and issues.


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Thank you for sharing.
I will see what I can do in my free time.
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