1. Rodolfo

    Must read Looking for documentation contributors

    Dear users, friends and Chevereto fans: Some time ago I announced improvements to the documentation, during all this time I've been improving the system and look how far it got as it spawned documentation for everything (and more to come): V3 Documentation - source V4 Documentation Chevere...
  2. Rodolfo

    Improved documentation

    Hey there, Great news, the documentation has been highly improved. Remember that some time ago I announced a new documentation system that I was implementing for Chevereto? Well, it took me some time but the new documentation content is now live. Content improvements ;) All the dashboard...
  3. Rodolfo

    😘 Improving V3 documentation

    Hey there, I've improved the documentation, take a look: 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 The documentation is sourced from chevereto/docs and it is fully collaborative 😱. You are welcome to edit 📝, suggest changes 🤯, write your own guides 🤴🏾, etc. Please feel free to collaborate and...