Is there any way to show when the image will delete?


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Hello, is there any way to show/display when the posted image will delete/expire?

I am trying the free version out before getting the license but I need to show "This image will expire in x days" based on the expiry days which were set during uploading.


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Thanks for the reply. Is it an option after upgrading to the paid license or does it still have to be manually coded?

A setting in the dashboard or I'm guessing something like this...
<a>This image will expire in <?php echo CHV\get_safe_post()['image_expiration'] : get_user()['image_expiration']);?> days</a>


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Chevereto Staff
Like I said, by editing the theme you can show that expiration date.

I never mentioned a dashboard setting because there's no setting for that at this time.


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My code:

After line 78 in /app/themes/Peafowl/views/image.php, add:

<div class="breadcrum-item">
                            if (get_image()['expiration_date_gmt']) {
                                echo $diff->format("This picture will expire in %a days");
                                // echo (get_image()['expiration_date_gmt']);
                            <a href="" rel="tooltip" data-tiptip="top" title="Find out more about our live rolling feed"> <small>Why?</small></a>

Will produce:

2019-12-12 22_02_23-Window.png

Under the image, in the image view. The 'why?' text (line 12 of code) links to a FAQ page that I have created for my needs.

Hope that helps.