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Image Replacement / Version Control


Chevereto Member
I am wondering if there is a way in the OOTB version to replace in uploaded image ? Is there in type of version control for images ? TY in advance
Hi @tr0y

There's no such feature at this time.

Can you share with us in which context your need this feature?
The use case is that a user adds a binary / image to the application, the the direct link is used to serve an image to multiple web end points ( 200 +) . They would like to update the binary / image within the application and all downstream end points update on next page load.
They would also like to have a history of what changes have occurred and then have the ability to rollback, should they not like the new change.

If that is not clear, I can add more.
Thanks for the input.

I feel you, I think that it is an absolute valid use case. I will move this to RFC.