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FREE Gift From Chevereto Mods - Super SEO Module


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Hi Everyone

The SEO module works in the same way an article re writer software works, you simply enter the words you want to use inside {curly brackets} using a | to separate words inside the curly brackets, when the search engines visit your site they will see a new meta title and meta description for each of your posts
Chevereto does not have good SEO but its not the fault of the script and more the fault of users uploading mass quantities of images without titles and descriptions for each image, this leads the meta data to be very short or even blank for photo view pages.

You would simply write your title something like this

{Free to Use|Totally Free|100% Free|Free|Absolutely Free|Free to Join} {Image|Photo|Gallery|Albums} {Platform|Website|Hosting Service}

This would produce the meta title example like this

Free to Use Photo Hosting Service

You would create these strings as long as you like with a s much text in them as you want to give bigger and better variations.

SEO Module comes complete with all files required and install documentation.

This Module is FREE YES! FREE to all Chevereto users...

Simply go to our website and use the contact us form

Request you would like the SEO module and also select a username for your downloads login, remember a valid email address is also required.

I will get right back to you with your login details so you can download the module for FREE!!!!


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Yes please, attach the seo mod there als zip file so we all can download it, or put it on your github account..
Thanks, best regards.


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I smell something fishy about this mod/addon, either he want's access to peoples sites by providing a addon that adds a backdoor. So i would like the author of chevereto to inspect this addon once he get's a copy to be sure it's safe and nothing suspicious.

@Rodolfo you might want to look into this to be sure that this user is not trying to hijack other sites with this addon/mod/script. Since to me it feels fishy atm and i still suspect this user will add backdoor to it's SEO Mod so he can enter into users path and steal site files and much more.


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It is understood that any third-party code or addition you put to Chevereto is not 100% safe as there's no official method to share this kind of contributions. Is totally up to you to use these, and for any given code you get for free it is your responsibility to check.

Checking third-party code is not cheap and my resources are into development, not auditing.


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Of course Rodolfo, i would never ever use third-party plugins for Chevereto if they arent directly from you, i just wanted to see into the code of the plugin.