1. darkufo

    Rename Files Upon Upload to Improve SEO

    đź’ˇDescribe your Feature request Very often we get a bunch of files with filenames that don't make much sense. eg Timestamps, Numbers etc It would be great if we could supply some pattern match like many bulk rename utilties so that the filenames all get uploaded with the same filename with a...
  2. yuttakarn

    Could you advise ? about seo subdomain

    We have a plan to create a blog site . Should I use my subdomain or primary domain? or
  3. M

    SEO: Remove "English" from site title and URL

    Since Chevereto supports many languages, many sites have turned on multi-language support. However, this has created a unique problem when it comes to SEO. Chevereto sites with multi-language support lists as the default homepage on Google instead of just...
  4. K

    Removing language extension from SEO - /?lang=en

    I currently have a few several language extensions being crawled by Google displaying and is displaying the first search of the url as This shows up only when i search for my website through google on my mobile phone device. EDIT: After i had posted this i checked...
  5. Youssef

    Improve the content of the alt tag of an image

    👉 Improve the content of the alt tag of an image because currently the content that is in the alt tag is the name of the file is not very good for the seo because usually the name of an image file is AGFS458JPEG, GTFQ20180412 . It would be interesting to put the description of the image in the...
  6. T

    Adding "Tags" is important in seo

    He suggested adding "Tags" to topics to increase archiving and important in SEO THANKS
  7. F

    Is better to put in robot.txt images path to not index on Google?

    Hello I hope so that this is very interesting question for all members in Chevereto community. What you think people, is good to search engines not index images at all? I ask that because we know that there is a lot of images with bad title example, some numbers and rubbish title and...
  8. D

    Top Fixes Recommended by Google for Chevereto

    Top Fixes Recommended by Google for Chevereto Script. 1. Renderblocking JS JavaScripts that are not critical to initial render should be made asynchronous or deferred until after the first render. Keep in mind that for this to improve your loading time, you must also optimize CSS delivery...