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Easiest way to move from Flickr to Chevereto


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Hi all,

I have been a Flickr pro member for many years and I have decided it is time to move on. Long story short, I have installed Chevereto, as I think it does what I want it to do. However, I would also like to switch my photostream of almost 4500 photos over from Flickr to my self-hosted Chevereto site. I have not been able to find anything that just does the migration for you, like the plugin for Piwigo. However, there must be tips and tricks in this group, right? I cannot imagine I would be the first one to want to do this. However, I don't see much when I search the forums. Who can point me in the right direction?



Core license
Thanks! I have looked into that, but I end up with a question.

So, I have a folder that contains 13 images. I have uploaded that folder with the images to /importing/parse-albums

So, it now looks like:

└── Alfa <- album name
├── image-1.jpg
├── image-2.jpg
└── image-3.png

But when I go to dashboard/bulk the folder and images do not show up at parse-albums
Where do I go wrong?

The cron job is also running, but it does not show when I choose reset on the dashboard/bulk option either.