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Cloudflare Turnstile as a captcha


👇 Basically I'm not
💡Describe your Feature request

Google recaptcha has no privacy (Cloudflare said)

hcaptcha is more privacy but more annoying, often need to solve boring problems, at least for me.

A month ago, Cloudflare announced Turnstile, a new captcha that most of the time no interaction required or problem to solved, and more privacy.

I get a good experience on my device and like it very much, so I hope to bring this to Chevereto.

👏Where did you saw this?

Announcing Turnstile, a user-friendly, privacy-preserving alternative to CAPTCHA


Demo1 / Demo2 on Github

🔥Interest outside our community

We are faster than others, and who doesn't like a better experience?


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Chevereto Staff
Hcaptcha has been already accepted for 4.0, is just that we are in bug killing spree. Based on current progress, hcaptcha could be added soon as 4.0.3.

😉 Once we get hcaptcha we could then get this one.


Phoenix Foto Service
Very interesting...
I voted for it in any case because I am also a CF customer (even if only for free^^).

Google is all well and good, but many people don't accept Google because it has received too many negative headlines in the media regarding data protection.


Chevereto Member
+1 this, and based on my testing with WordPress & custom PHP websites, Turnstile can use as little as 15KB bandwidth compared to reCAPTCHA's 600-700KB in the same client environment, and without privacy issues caused by the use of Google cookies.



Phoenix Foto Service
hcaptcha has now been added in 4.0.4, but not the turnstile... Too bad
...But at least something.