Chevereto v3.13.0

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Chevereto v3.13.0
Released on May 6th 2019
  • Added support for PHP 7.3
  • Added support for emoji (utf8mb4)
  • Added chv_images combo index for better performance (album id, image id) [11091]
  • Added more theme hooks (after open head, after closing head, after open body)
  • Added php.ini file location in /dashboard
  • Added dashboard option to dump the SQL update query
  • Improved hreflang implementation [11035]
  • Improved DB fulltext engine detection (improves MariaDB support)
  • Improved content of the alt tag [10591]
  • Changed Backblaze B2 PHP SDK [11055]
  • Fixed bug in wrong upload queue handling [11120]
  • Fixed Alibaba OSS bug [11104]
  • Fixed bug in G\json_error [11126]
  • Fixed bug in Storage add form
  • Fixed bug in route.account.php (disabled signup restrictions)
  • Fixed bug in mobile menu
  • Updated vendor dependencies
  • Updated Turkish and Japanese translations
Check README.txt file and for install or update instructions. If you edited some or part of the affected files merge your changes.
Not open for further replies.