Automatic upload from specific folder


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Hey, I don't know if this is something you are thinking about but it would be great to have a feature where either chevereto automatically imports any pictures in a specified folder at midnight every night or I press a button on the dashboard or something and it imports pictures from a folder structure to either a corresponding album or to the central storage.

The reason I want this is when using a mobile phone, the upload feature in a mobile browser is great for me who is tech savvy, but for my wife and her parents, it is a little clunky and means they have to sign in etc each time.

My idea is to set up an FTP structure on the same server as Chevereto that links each of their FTP user accounts to a folder matching their name and then use an FTP app on their phones to link to the server and their corresponding folder.

They can then use the simpler interface of the app that is always connected to do the leg work for the upload.

All I would need from Chevereto after that is a feature to either automatically upload from the parent FTP folder or a button I can press periodically that will import them all.

Is this something that is achievable already or that you would consider in the future?

Hope you have a great day,