About direct linking on paid version


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I want to know of the paid version have protection against direct linking of secret images.
I have just (for the first time) installed the community version, but when I uploaded a image on a secret album, the image was still avaliable through direct linking.
The paid version has protect against that?

▶ Reproduction steps
  1. Create a secret album.
  2. upload a image.
  3. Open the uploaded image.
  4. Right click and click 'copy image link' or 'copy image address'.
  5. Open browser in private, or without a login.
  6. Image will be shown.
😢 Unexpected result

[The image is shown, instead of keeping it secret.]

📃 Error log message

[Not needed]


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No edition alters the distributuon of images, your static server does that and Chevereto doesn't restrict that access at all.


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You would need to do something called hot link protection, this can easily be done by using specific coding in .htaccess that blocks direct access to image extensions. So if some 1 tries to read for example .jpg file it will give 404 not found or something else that you have told it to give instead.

But keep in mind this is outside of what chevereto does! This is something you do yourself on your host.