[3.13.5] Private Album with link have a text (in this album)


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▶🚶‍Reproduction steps
  1. Create an album with Album privacy set Private (anyone with the link)
  2. upload 1 or more images in this album
  3. Take the link of a picture in this album and paste it into a different browser than the one you are currently using. Alternatively, you can log out.
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😢Unexpected result

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The text is displayed: "in this album"
However, since this is a private album with pictures where only people who have the link of the picture should have access.
Or am I wrong and the person who has the link of the picture also has access to the entire album?

No matter how it should be according to the programmer, it is so that the text is there but no preview images.
Alternatively, what I find more logical is that you completely remove the text there in the case of a private album

📃Error log message

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