đź‘‹ Hello, I'm Rodolfo


Chevereto Developer
Chevereto Staff
Oct 7, 2008
Chevereto HQ
I've been running this community since 2008, and it seems that I never introduced myself. Well, better late than never.

My name is Rodolfo Berrios, I'm from Chile, and I live in ConcepciĂłn which is a coastal city in the south of this country. I'm 32 years old, and I started Chevereto when I had just 21.

I lived in Santiago 28 years, I moved to ConcepciĂłn just few years ago. I spend most of my time programming, doing research for Chevereto, playing Titanfall 2 or some other random video game, attending my hobbies (mostly about repair some electronics and stuff like that) and that's pretty much everything.

I enjoy everything tech related, self-hosting, and I have a broad taste in music. Not kidding, I enjoy all kinds of music styles. In my music library you can find Kraftwerk, Morbid Angel, Snoop Dogg, etc.

Creating software is my life, and while I'm happy to know that my stuff is used by so many people, at the same time, it makes me sad to don't be good as I will like to be. I know, is just me...

đź‘‹Hi everybody!