1. Rodolfo

    Personal labels

    💡Describe your idea Scrubbing in feature requests I found that @ashkir once purposed Personal Tags/Categories (eventually it ended up being just a system to search content). I'm opening this topic for a reconsideration for providing users with custom labels which they can use to context their...
  2. R

    Can I add user quotas?

    Hello, I have the core license, but I need to add user quotas, has the system this feature?. For example, I have to add 10 Gb to user01, and 2Gb to user02, and so on. Sorry for mu poor english. Regards, Raul.
  3. mattgphoto

    How to make ShareX upload images/screenshots as my user via the api?

    ğŸŽ¯Description of the issue When trying to upload screenshots to my chevereto install as my user via ShareX with the myapi workaround, it fails. ▶🚶‍Reproduction steps Following this guide: I have in the ShareX destination settings as follows...
  4. J

    Recent Images selected by user id not working as expected

    ▶🚶‍Reproduction steps Dashboard --> Settings --> Homepage -- User IDs Comma-separated list of target user IDs (integers) to show most recent images on homepage. Leave it empty to display trending images. 😢Unexpected result Selected a few User IDs, but Home Page of Recent Images show User IDs...
  5. P

    Default album for upload

    💡Describe your suggestion Allow user to choose an album as default upload. When user upload an pic the album is selected as default.
  6. lesmond

    Assign image to user

    One of my users has uploaded images as a guest, is it possible to assign those images to that user?
  7. J

    Embed Images From User Accounts in to HTML Code

    I'm building a virtual gallery And I would like to take a users gallery images and embed them in to the following code <a-image src="User Image 1" rotation="0 0 0" position="0 2 -11.4"></a-image> <a-image src="User Image 2" rotation="0 0 0" position="0 2 -11.4"></a-image> And so on I've got...