1. R

    Can I add user quotas?

    Hello, I have the core license, but I need to add user quotas, has the system this feature?. For example, I have to add 10 Gb to user01, and 2Gb to user02, and so on. Sorry for mu poor english. Regards, Raul.
  2. mattgphoto

    How to make ShareX upload images/screenshots as my user via the api?

    ğŸŽ¯Description of the issue When trying to upload screenshots to my chevereto install as my user via ShareX with the myapi workaround, it fails. ▶🚶‍Reproduction steps Following this guide: I have in the ShareX destination settings as follows...
  3. J

    Recent Images selected by user id not working as expected

    ▶🚶‍Reproduction steps Dashboard --> Settings --> Homepage -- User IDs Comma-separated list of target user IDs (integers) to show most recent images on homepage. Leave it empty to display trending images. 😢Unexpected result Selected a few User IDs, but Home Page of Recent Images show User IDs...
  4. lesmond

    Assign image to user

    One of my users has uploaded images as a guest, is it possible to assign those images to that user?
  5. J

    Embed Images From User Accounts in to HTML Code

    I'm building a virtual gallery And I would like to take a users gallery images and embed them in to the following code <a-image src="User Image 1" rotation="0 0 0" position="0 2 -11.4"></a-image> <a-image src="User Image 2" rotation="0 0 0" position="0 2 -11.4"></a-image> And so on I've got...