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Scrubbing in feature requests I found that @ashkir once purposed Personal Tags/Categories (eventually it ended up being just a system to search content).

I'm opening this topic for a reconsideration for providing users with custom labels which they can use to context their content for own organization purposes. This could work in the following way:
  • User create own set of labels
  • Labels can be applied to any "owned" content (for example a picture or a like)
  • User can browse own labeled content
Is just a tag system on top of the user, I just use the word label to don't confuse the "tags" which are globally.

This grant a flexible structure and lets users decide how they organize themselves. For example, someone could label a liked image as "inspiration" and in this label hold albums, users, or anything that meets the criteria for this user.

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As seen in Trello (custom labels per board).

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No idea, I don't think it matters anyway?


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Dude, rodolfo this is the second most requested feature among my few thousand users. I guarantee this could even be a pay locked feature and I would pay to have this as an additional feature. People love organizing things. They love subfolders, they love their albums, etc. Being table to label things themselves, and search their own labels would be a game changer.