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Rename Files Upon Upload to Improve SEO


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Very often we get a bunch of files with filenames that don't make much sense. eg Timestamps, Numbers etc

It would be great if we could supply some pattern match like many bulk rename utilties so that the filenames all get uploaded with the same filename with a number or something added as a suffix to make them unique.

This would also help SEO where the filenames would better describe what the image was.

eg lets say we have 50 images from the TV Show The Flash for episode 8x10. These filenames are currently random numbers.

We could enter in our master pattern as the-flash-episode-8x10-photo-XXX

Where XXX is the automated incremental number to make the image name unique.

Then we we upload all the filenames will be named like this


đź‘ŹWhere did you saw this?

Only in some external bulk image editors such as IRFANView, XNConvert

🔥Interest outside our community

I'm sure most people would like their filenames to better match the content. It would save a lot of time in that currently we would have to rename them manually before uploading.