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Rodolfo Berrios

Image sharing for your community

Elevare your existing community with dedicated image sharing. Grow your community by enabling your users to socialize with media.



通過上載插件輕鬆地在訪問任何現有網站時將您需要上載的的圖片上載到您的圖床。It features seamless support for the most popular forum software packages.

Multi-user support

Easy enable other users to signup or if you prefer manually create them. Easily assign roles and permissions to different users, allowing for streamlined image management and collaboration.

Superb user interface

A gorgeous responsive user interface, with bulk manage actions, keyboard shortcuts, palettes and more.


Allow users to easily interact and engage with your content by liking and sharing the content. Increases user engagement and social reach, leading to more visibility and traffic to your website.


The perfect tool for building a community of dedicated and engaged users on your platform. With the ability to follow and interact with other users, your audience can easily connect with like-minded individuals and share their passion for your brand.

Consent screen

Customizable consent screen for accessing to age-restricted content. Make your visitors comply with age restrictions depending on your content and jurisdiction by prompting a consent screen with a legal disclaimer.

Login providers

Support account signup with third-party login providers right out the box. No additional plugins needed, just paste the API keys.

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • And many more

Communities feature highlight

There's more outstanding features that will make your experience using Chevereto a joy to remember.