User Location/Preference for Storage Server


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I would love to be able to use the User's Location or allow a User to select their preferred storage server. With a CDN this is nil ,but, for uploading thousands of images, a closer server can be important for a user.

If I provide 3 storage servers, I can describe them as such:

Server 1 - North America
Server 2 - Germany
Server 3 - Australia

A user in Australia would strongly prefer to upload images to an Australian server, as it'd be a better user experience for them. This could be a profile setting to let them choose, or allow the administrators to override it for a specific user upon request.

Also, this could be a great paid feature.


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Aye. That'd be easy to do as well! I just want a capability to assign certain users to a storage server! I can easily install a speed test on them for their preferences.


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If a user goes into their account settings, they can choose this themselves.


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I agree, would love to see this implementet in a future release.


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Come on guys, users shouldn't be able to pick this. The system needs to balance and distribute, not the users. Users don't know what server is better, why bother.

At most, you should be able to arrange certain user group in the best tier, just to offer a more premium experience.


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With CDNs, I don't think few hundred microseconds will make any difference and users will ever notice it