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Chevereto Member
With you free version can i
  1. Uplaod the image in digital ocean space
  2. can i moderate the photos such that i can remove unwanted and spam photos
  3. How can i earn money from your script
  4. Can some one downlaod my images


šŸ’– Chevereto Fan
1. Yes
2. Yes
3. You can add code for Adsense or any other network by modifying the script yourself, but there is no option for ad code in the actual settings, this is only in the paid version.
4. Yes


ā­ Chevereto Godlike
Chevereto Staff
Digital Ocean Spaces as the S3 compatible service? No, that's only on the paid edition (external storage servers).

Digital Ocean Space as a VPS? Yes. Indeed, the demo of the paid edition runs on DO.