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Upload large images > 4.000 px


Chevereto Member

where can i change the option, i can upload larger pictures, more than 4.000 pixels?


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Chevereto Staff
in config.php you can change the limit but that limit depens from your server config. For example, if you server allows only 2mb you can't override that limit.


Chevereto Member
The picture is 2,3 MB big and has 5.120 x 3.840 Pixel @ 24 Bits pro Pixel.

If i upload the picture, i see after upload a white site and the picture was not uploaded / on my server.

This is my config file:

// Folders
/* If you change this, you also must change the folders name. */
define('DIR_IM','images/'); // Change this to have something like /X/filename.jpg - where "X/" is the folder name. 

// Min-Max values -> php.ini rules the nation...
$max_mb = '8'; // Max. image size (Mbytes)
$max_by = $max_mb*1048576; // (bytes)
$max_name = '20'; // Max. file name lenght.

// Thumbs
$mini_ancho = '150'; // Thumb width (pixels)
$mini_alto = '150'; // Thumb height (pixels)

// Resize
$lowres = '16'; // Min. resize value (pixels)
$higres = '10000'; // Max. resize value (pixels)

// Options
$lim_act = true; // true: Allows uploading just for your domain - false: Allows upload from anywhere (post from another website)
$debug_mode = false; // false: Debug OFF - true: Debug ON.
$cut_url = true; // true: Short URLs (TinyURL tr.im etc.) - false: normal url (http://mysite.com/images/image.jpg).
$cut_url_service = 'tinyurl'; // tinyurl
$cut_url_user = true; // If $cut_url = true -> true: Allows your users to cut their urls (preference) - false: Users can't choose to cut or not.
$allow_over_resize = false; // true: Allows over resize images - false: Don't allow over resize.


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Chevereto Staff
It's a server issue. As any server it has limits on everything... Like upload size, execution time, etc.


👽 Chevereto Freak
you may check your server php configuration with :

(create a new php file)

add this in it

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

maybe the maximum height and wdith limit is in it =D (use ctrl+f and keywords =D)


Chevereto Member
@Rodolfo I need ask my hoster.

@Danny.Domb This information is not listed. I use PHP 5.2.12


Chevereto Member
I have found my problem. I have create a new file ".htaccess" with following content:

php_value memory_limit 128M

And it works now.