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Hi All,
Don't really know why I haven't post this any sooner... But here it goes. I'll keep it short.

UltraIMG is for sale.

What once was a fun little hobby, has now turned into something really big.

Family life is finally calling, so therefore I need to stop paying server bills and hosting etc, and start saving / paying for the more 'important' things in life.
It's been a really fun ride.

You can find the auction here: https://flippa.com/6413988-ultraimg-com


Thank You Rodolfo for all of your help over the years and your awesome script. I look forward to seeing what updates you implement in the future.
And thank you everyone else in the Chevereto family for your help, and keeping the forum a pleasant place to be.

Catch you later.
Ash :)


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For a site as huge as them I was hoping to see a custom TOS page at least