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System Requirement Validation Page or File


šŸ’– Chevereto Fan
Hi There,

It will be better if Chevereto can provide a simple PHP file and so it can be used at any point in time

1) new installation
2) migrating servers
3) upgrading script


It will report whether the current machine from which the file is being viewed is meeting the system requirements or not.


ā­ Chevereto Godlike
Chevereto Staff
While I agree that we need to encapsulate those in different systems, one single file for doing all these 3 different process is not simple. Is the opposite and makes the provisioning harder.

But, if we think about those as different systems then this is a neat RFC.

Installation is already covered and definitely we need an external system for updating. Not built-in.

Not sure about migrating servers, that's one layer above and it vary a ton depending systems and there are already plenty solutions for it. Perhaps we should worry about writing guides about it.