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Suddenly Stats in my website are not working. Few days back I noticed the counts are getting reduced, now the website is totally showing wrong stats liks 0 images and also wrong space info and manything are wrong.

How do I re generate the stats and make sure it reflects the correct count always.
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Can you show how the stats are not working? Like with images to get an idea of which stats are wrong.


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Taken from app/install/installer.php

TRUNCATE TABLE `chv_stats`;

INSERT INTO `chv_stats` (stat_id, stat_date_gmt, stat_type) VALUES ("1", NULL, "total") ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE stat_type=stat_type;

UPDATE `chv_stats` SET
stat_images = (SELECT IFNULL(COUNT(*),0) FROM `chv_images`),
stat_albums = (SELECT IFNULL(COUNT(*),0) FROM `chv_albums`),
stat_users = (SELECT IFNULL(COUNT(*),0) FROM `chv_users`),
stat_image_views = (SELECT IFNULL(SUM(image_views),0) FROM `chv_images`),
stat_disk_used = (SELECT IFNULL(SUM(image_size) + SUM(image_thumb_size) + SUM(image_medium_size),0) FROM `chv_images`)
WHERE stat_type = "total";

INSERT INTO `chv_stats` (stat_type, stat_date_gmt, stat_images, stat_image_views, stat_disk_used)
SELECT sb.stat_type, sb.stat_date_gmt, sb.stat_images, sb.stat_image_views, sb.stat_disk_used
FROM (SELECT "date" AS stat_type, DATE(image_date_gmt) AS stat_date_gmt, COUNT(*) AS stat_images, SUM(image_views) AS stat_image_views, SUM(image_size + image_thumb_size + image_medium_size) AS stat_disk_used FROM `chv_images` GROUP BY DATE(image_date_gmt)) AS sb
ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE stat_images = sb.stat_images;

INSERT INTO `chv_stats` (stat_type, stat_date_gmt, stat_users)
SELECT sb.stat_type, sb.stat_date_gmt, sb.stat_users
FROM (SELECT "date" AS stat_type, DATE(user_date_gmt) AS stat_date_gmt, COUNT(*) AS stat_users FROM `chv_users` GROUP BY DATE(user_date_gmt)) AS sb
ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE stat_users = sb.stat_users;

INSERT INTO `chv_stats` (stat_type, stat_date_gmt, stat_albums)
SELECT sb.stat_type, sb.stat_date_gmt, sb.stat_albums
FROM (SELECT "date" AS stat_type, DATE(album_date_gmt) AS stat_date_gmt, COUNT(*) AS stat_albums FROM `chv_albums` GROUP BY DATE(album_date_gmt)) AS sb
ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE stat_albums = sb.stat_albums;

UPDATE `chv_users` SET user_content_views = COALESCE((SELECT SUM(image_views) FROM `chv_images` WHERE image_user_id = user_id GROUP BY user_id), "0");


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